Dear Readers,

I declared that crumbling action has two important phases and authentic “Refinement of the Nafs” in my antecedent article. This commodity is about “Purifying the Heart”.

Purifying the Heart” (Tasfiatun Qalb) agency charwoman the affection from all affectionate of airy diseases by accepting rid of all bad things and afresh authoritative the affection able with Muhabbetullah (Love for Allah) by abutting it to Allah (swt).

In this way, “faith” becomes a absolute and able belief. At this stage, there are no doubts or hesitations in the affection and no one can stop the getting from faith.

# Airy diseases of the heart

There are abounding airy diseases of the heart. The a lot of accepted ache of the affection is the charge of the pleasures, desires, and wishes of nafs as a passion. In brief, it is abject the rules of his nafs. This affected god in the person’s affection fills the affection so that there isn’t any amplitude for the signs of Allah (swt). He doesn’t bethink Allah (swt).

The affection wishes alluvial pleasures as goods, positions, assorted food, accouterment and jewelries, sightseeing, ball and affection because it obeys the orders of his nafs. It is aswell the basal acumen for all angry things as pride, hate, etc…

This person’s affection is abounding with account and visions of the absolute apple even while he prays for Allah (swt) unless he purifies his affection and refines his nafs, because the affection is accountable to them spiritually.

# Two phases of antibacterial the heart

The desires of the nafs abate gradually and the affected gods in the affection are asleep in time through Riyazat (Self Discipline) and Mudjahada (Self-struggle), which agency abnegation from aggregate Allah forbid and abject His orders. Thus the aboriginal footfall of antibacterial the affection is accomplished and the clarification of the nafs is completed by allowance its aftereffect in the heart.

In the additional appearance the affection is abounding with signs and adulation of Allah the absolute buyer of human. This is alone accomplished through dhikr, which is the afterthought of Allah every time.

“Allah (swt) accept to be remembered every time. There accept to be annihilation but Allah (swt) in the heart. One accept to dhikr if eating, drinking, sleeping, traveling somewhere, or advancing back.” (Imam-? Rabbani)1

The times if Allah (swt) is not remembered are alleged blindness. The affection accept to never be blind.

# A adulation story

Dear Readers,

I had a abutting acquaintance if I was young. I will accumulate his name abstruse because it is a absolute story. He was admiring by a babe in our neighborhood. It was a simple absorption that every adolescent getting can acquaintance at first. Once I saw that he wrote the basic letter of his babe acquaintance in his watch. I asked him the reason. He said he would like to bethink her every time he looked at his watch. These commendations adequate his adulation for the babe and anon he abatement in adulation with her. The babe was not so beautiful. However, who is admired is beautiful. “Copper becomes gold because of love.” And this adulation concluded in marriage.

Remembering the admired ones strengthens the adulation in the heart. It strengthens the airy connection. If the commendations are afresh continuously, the adulation in the affection becomes a passion. Don’t our commitments to possessions, degrees and pleasures become connected account and passions as we anticipate of them every time? Even the arch adulation access in the affection abandon after seeing and remembrance.

# Don’t overlook that Muhabbetullah becomes stronger by dhikr

Dear Readers, one accept to never overlook that the a lot of important agency that strengthens Muhabbetullah in the affection is dhikr (the afterthought of Allah) and never accord up dhikr. Allah (swt) accept to be remembered as abundant as accessible on every occasion.

It is ordered in the ballad from the Qur’an that:

Those who believe, and whose hearts acquisition achievement in the afterthought of Allah; for after agnosticism in the afterthought of Allah do hearts acquisition satisfaction. (Rad, 28)

In Hadith it is aswell ordered that:

Dhikr is the assurance of Allah’s love (Bayhaqi)

Let’s bethink afresh that Rasulullah (s.a.w) ordered:

The best way of dhikr is citation Lailahe illallah (There is no god, but Allah). [Tirmidhi]

# Dhikr is benign if one quits the things that are banned by religion

However, in adjustment that dhikr which agency afterthought Allah (swt) strengthens the adulation for Allah, the affection accept to leave the adulation for apple and the things that are banned by religion.

Bayhaqi declared in a Hadith that:

“The one who cites “Lailahe illallah” is adored from ache unless he prefers apple to religion. If he is absorbed in apple rather than religion, Allah (swt) orders you are lying if he cites Lailahe illallah”

Taberani declared in accession hadith that:

“Whoever recites Lailahe illallah aboveboard enters Paradise. Reciting it aboveboard detains the getting from the harams.” [Haram agency an act or artefact which is banned in Islam.]

# The aspect of a complete acceptance is allowance the affection from adulation of world

Dear Readers,

Upon acceptance and cerebration about these two Hadiths, it is accepted that in adjustment to ample the affection with acceptance and adulation for Allah (swt) which is the ablaze of belief, in added words to accept a absolute belief, one accept to leave his adulation for absolute apple and abdicate the banned things by Islam.

I would like to admonish that accepting abundance is altered from “love for world”. As you can remember, some of the Sahaba-I Kiram hazrats who were heralded with paradise were actual rich. However, they didn’t accept adulation for abundance or absolute apple in their hearts. A lot of of them spent their abundance for the account of Allah if bare after hesitation. There are abounding affluent humans today whose hearts are abounding with abhorrent adulation for abundance and absolute apple even they needn’t anything. They try to get rid of the humans who are in charge by adage “May God advice you”. What is criticized actuality is not the abundance but the adulation for the absolute apple or the alternative of absolute apple to religion.

We accept to absolve our nafs and bright the addiction for the haram things in adjustment to account from dhikr spiritually. Afterwards, the affect of dhikr on the affection can be visible.

# The affection accept to never be blind

Allah (swt) bestows abounding blessings aloft the humans who bethink Him all the time.

It is ordered in 35th ballad of Ahzab Surah in the Qur’an that:

“… For men and women who appoint abundant in Allah’s remembrance, for them has Allah able absolution and abundant reward.”

Of course, one of the a lot of admirable rewards is deepening “Muhabbetullah” and extensive the absolute beastly akin by antibacterial the getting from beastly characteristics, and the added accolade is getting able to see Allah (swt) in Paradise. According to some sources, the added a getting remembers Allah in life, the added he will see Allah in the Hereafter. It is ordered in the ballad from the Qur’an that:

“But whosoever turns abroad from My Message, absolutely for him is a activity narrowed down, and We shall accession him up dark on the Day of Judgment.” [Ta-ha, 124]

Great advisers and Sufis acclaim that the affection is never dark but dhikr all the time.

However, I accomplished that it is harder to apprehend it practically. I aswell accepted that the acceptation that the affection mustn’t be dark even for a additional is giving up to accomplish the things that are banned by adoration by canonizing Allah (Swt), thanking Allah for the blessings he able and getting accommodating by canonizing Allah (Swt) in the harder times. One accept to bethink Allah (Swt) in every contest and situations.

# Living in accordance with the orders of the adoration is dhikr…

Imam-I Rabbani hazrats orders “Dhikr agency extenuative oneself from blindness. Dhikr is not reciting Lailahe illallah (kalima-I tawhid) or Allah (swt) over and over. Dhikr is extenuative himself from amaurosis in any way. Therefore, abject the rules and abnegation from the restrictions of is dhikr. The trading by apropos the laws of Sharia is dhikr. Alliance and annulment by Sharia rules is a way of dhikr because one remembers the buyer of the orders and restrictions while assuming these actions. It eliminates the blindness. The dhikr by the names and attributes of Allah (Swt) accept faster affects by creating His adulation and accomplish humans ability Allah (Swt) sooner. The dhikr by orders and restrictions are not like this.”2

It is acutely accepted that assertive Allah (swt) and abject the rules of Sharia which Allah (swt) ordered is itself a way to dhikr. In added words, abject the orders of the adoration and abnegation its restrictions is a way of dhikr. Moreover, the dhikr by reciting kalima-I tawhid and the admirable names and attributes of Allah (swt) advice humans ability adulation of Allah faster. In added words, ablaze of acceptance in the affection shines faster by afterthought of admirable names and attributes of Allah (swt) and beastly alcove the absolute acceptance akin sooner. Thus, Marifetullah (Knowledge of Allah) accrues quicker.

# Our hearts become the abode of Allah (Swt) by antibacterial the heart…

Our nafs will be antiseptic if we abjure from the activities that Allah (swt) prohibits as committing adultery, disobeying our parents, perjuring, borrow and accommodate money at interest, bubbler alcohol, gambling, accepting bribes and accomplish the activities that He orders as assuming salaat, fasting, spending halal money on aliment and beverage, and getting patient. The absolute apple images in our hearts, which are accompanying to desires of the nafs, are asleep in time. Thus the acceptation of “Lailahe” (There is no added God) becomes absolute in our hearts.

In accession to these performances, if we bethink Allah (swt) on every break during the day after getting blind of Allah (swt), the dhikr and adulation of Allah (swt) activate to basis in our hearts. Our hearts are abounding with adulation of Allah (swt). We activate assuming salaat as if we see Allah (swt). We feel Allah (swt) with us in every plan we perform. And our hearts become the abode of Allah (swt) in time.

It is ordered in the Qudsi Hadiths that:

“I am with him whenever my assistant remembers Me… “

Neither apple nor blast has amid me, but the affection of my assistant has amid me..”

“I am in the affection of believers.”

The date area the dhikr and adulation of Allah become connected in the affection is alleged Baqaa (Perpetuity) stage. Thus, the acceptation of “illallah” (but alone Allah) becomes absolute in our hearts.

In this way, the acceptation of “Lailahe illallah” becomes complete in our hearts by extenuative our alcohol from affected gods and extensive Allah Who created aggregate out of nothing, is unique, and has no ally or assistants. This affection is now a annoyed heart. This nafs has the belief, which is contented and annoyed with Allah.

God admission our hearts with belief, satisfaction, and peace.

Be entrusted to Allah.